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History, cultural heritage and geographical position... Bridging civilizations have always been the cut-out role of Turkey. Being a democratic country with a large Muslim population and systematically progressing towards modernity, though painfully and through ups and downs, Turkey has modern, secular values adn it can, therefore, be considered the role model for its region and for the world. 
In a country where constant change is inevitable with its young, dynamic society, continuous monitoring of public opinion and regular measurement of people’s needs, trends and expectations offer a invaluable source of information which all administrative, political and economic organizations and institutitions as well as the media, private sector and NGOs need in their decision making and strategy formulation processes.

ESTIMA is a research company that aims to channel its experience and knowledge into public opinion surveys and provide the public and all stakeholders (the media, private sector, public organizations and institutions, NGOs, international organizations, etc.) with reliable and robust information on public perceptions, needs, expectations and trends in various areas, accurately, rapidly and regularly. 
The members of TANLA family, which is widely known for its “researcher” identity has, since 1972, played a leading role in establishing, developing and the globalization of the research sector in Turkey, has decided to gather their respective professional experiences under the roof of ESTIMA in 2006. Some of the “firsts” that were introduced to the business world by the members of the family over this period of 27 years of uniterrupted service are listed herebelow:    

  • Omnibus surveys
  • General Election surveys (1983)
  • First application of qualitative methods
  • Membership of international survey chain (1984)
  • First application of C.A.T.I (Computer Aided Telephone Interview)
  • Sectoral surveys-Banking   
  • Database research (1991)   
  • First branded surveys (1994)   

ESTIMA was founded in order to inform the public accurately, fast and regularly with an awareness of social responsibility.

QUESTION : how can development, economic welfare, social justice and a more democratic country be achieved?    

EXPERIENCE SAYS : with decisive actions built on contemporary and innovative ideas, and guided by insight.    That answer is our source of inspiration that formulates our work, approach and attitude.

That answer ensures that we are resolute in what we are doing and open-minded in how we are doing it. 

Staying away from speculative agendas and unfruitful discussions, we are acting on curiosity, wit and nous in our efforts in understanding to what extent policies meets the expectations and values of the public.

We admire those who approach the said aim with the same passion and dynamism.     

We believe that development, economic welfare, social justice and democracy can only be achieved with the participation of people


Hasan N. TANLA

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